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Sunday Worship Experience – updated!

1.  Family worship experiences:  Bags were dropped off for International Day of Prayer for Children and Youth.  This PDF link gives both video and interactive components for One Body Many Parts!  HERE  Hope your enjoy your breakfast potato heads!  Parents be sure to watch this week’s Sunday School videos from Orange:

First Look (Preschool), 252 Kids (Elementary) and XP3 (Preteen) – follow this link!

2.  Church-wide worship experiences:  We will be posting our first video this Sunday morning on our Willows Facebook page and our NEW Youtube account with a pastoral message, be sure to check it out here:  The Willows Church Salvation Army  Music videos to follow shortly!

Also meet us for an initial ZOOM gathering at 11am Sunday for discussion, testimony and to share a household blessing of prayer for you.  You do not need to download the app in order to join, it will prompt you to install zoom automatically. Simply click on this link to join:

OR by phone dial 778-907-2071   Enter Meeting ID  617822062

3.  Individual faith formation resources:

Dwell Bible App:

We have opened a FREE church account with Dwell Bible App, simply go to the landing page link, create an account, download the app, login and start listening!  Lots of Bible audio plans abound and you can choose from different voices, lengths and topics, perfect for prayer walks around the block, while you are cooking or simple devotional times at home!

Also please remember our “Generous Giving” booklet that was distributed for Lent – 7 easy devotions and discussion questions (even room for doodling & colouring!)  If you need a copy, we can email this individually.

4. Zoom: More info will be available next week about small group options and Bible Studies by Zoom.  Winn Blackman is hosting a study on Philippians Wednesday mornings at 10am, contact her for the details.

NEW Tithes & Offerings:  For those who contribute financially through tithing envelops, please make contact with us about arranging a pick-up.

A  NEW OPTION for giving by Credit Card is available at the website here:  Offering and this one-time or monthly gift can be specified to our church by choosing British Columbia in the dropdown menu and then Langley-The Willows Community Church.  Many thank-you’s for those who already contribute through preauthorized automatic debit withdrawals each month!  We are so grateful for your support!

We are certainly missing you all (but we do not have to stack any chairs this week!)

Pastors Dave & Renee McFadden

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